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There’s a Job for Everyone

By April 7, 2021October 12th, 2021No Comments

We are incredibly grateful for the amazing clients we work with every day. One of them is Dylan. He is a resident of Dapto and has struggled to gain employment due to his intellectual disability. But not anymore!

Richard Hart, a Customer Engagement Consultant at the Wollongong Jobfind centre, worked closely with Dylan and his new employer. We are proud to report his employer is so happy with his work, in fact, he says Dylan is “killing it!”

Dylan’s Manager, Adam, says he is hardworking and loves what he does.

“What I love about Dylan is that if he isn’t 100 per cent sure of the work he is doing, he asks to have his work as a tyre fitter checked for the safety of the customer. Even if Dylan is 99 per cent sure, again, he asks for a senior person to check the work.”

Adam also advised that Dylan proactively looks for ways to do things better. He’ll talk to his manager if he notices an opportunity to improve any aspect of the tyre fitting. Together, they make recommendation to the client so the client gets the best outcome.

Dylan is now working full time. He has recently moved out of the family home with a friend.

Well done to Dylan and his employer! And thank you for working with us. Placing people of all abilities into roles they love and thrive in is what lights us up each day.