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Australian JV, JOBS22 secures major contract in UK

By May 1, 2021September 23rd, 2021No Comments
Jobs 22 – a new joint venture created by social business Catch22 and Australian provider of human service and skills and Jobfind’s parent company, Angus Knight Group – has been awarded a major contract in the UK as part of the British Government’s Department for Work and Pensions’ Restart Programme.

The new venture will model the expertise of Jobfind and expand the company’s footprint on an international scale.

The Government’s Restart programme will provide intensive and tailored support to over 1 million unemployed people to help them find work in England and Wales. Jobs 22 will be providing employability support for job seekers in East Central England – covering the East Midlands, including Lincolnshire, Bedfordshire, and Staffordshire.

The Jobs 22 contract runs for 4.5 years from July 2021, with the aim of securing jobs for around 40,000 people and is worth more than £200m.

“Unemployment levels remain high and there is a desperate need to work with individuals and with national and local businesses to open up meaningful job opportunities. This is even more vital as industries begin to reopen, and in some cases refocus. Jobs 22’s approach is on the individual; supporting those facing barriers to work in the broadest sense to ensure that they have the confidence and skills required to enter meaningful, sustainable work – not just short-term placements. We’re delighted to have won this contract and to have the chance to make a huge difference to people’s lives.”
Chris Wright, Chief Executive of Catch22

All candidates coming to Jobs 22 will:

  • Be allocated a designated Jobs 22 Employment Coach
  • Be given immediate access to the Jobs 22 Employment Centre App – where they can see real-time vacancies, match their skills to local jobs, and access the over 1500 learning modules
  • Have regular virtual and face to face meeting with their Employment Coach
  • Create an action plan with their Coach that is reviewed regularly
  • Have access to a wealth of local support around health, personal, and development needs
  • Receive in-work support once they’ve secured a job

You can view the candidate’s journey in this short animation:

“Jobs 22, although a new entrant to the market, will be there to assist and support people quickly re-enter the workforce during this crisis.  Jobs22 is different as it brings together the strengths of both the commercial and not-for-profit sectors to get Britain working again. We are very proud of this opportunity to infuse meaning and purpose into over 40,000 people’s lives by assisting them into long-term work with our innovative and customer-centric approach.”
Duncan Angus, Founder Angus Knight Group