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We make it all about you

At Jobfind, wunderstand that no two people are the same. We provide one-on-one support that starts with understanding your skills and aspirations as well as your needs.  

You will have access to our dedicated disability employment consultants

At Jobfind, we have a highly skilled team of dedicated Disability Employment Services (DES) consultants across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

All our DES consultants are truly committed to finding solutions that meet your needs.

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We understand your limitations as well as your strengths

We understand that ‘disability’ comes in many forms, and may not always be visible. That’s why we start by listening to you, getting to know your capabilities and what you need to make the most of them. We can then tailor our support just for you. 

This also means that when we engage with employers, they understand your limitations as well as your strengths. We work with them to create flexible and supportive arrangements that enable you to thrive in your job. 

We make sure you’re ready

Our team won’t rush to place you in employment. Instead, we’ll ensure you have the skills, training and support required, for the roles you want. This could include:

completing a short training course or gaining a qualification 
doing some work experience 
taking advantage of our Healthfind service to manage and/or heal any mental health challenges that inhibit your ability to find or maintain employment. 
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We can provide interpreter support

If English is your second language or you have limitations that affects your ability to communicate clearly with us, we’ll organise interpreter support. That may be with a language interpreter or through partners such as the Deaf Society. Whatever you need, please let us know, and we will arrange support before your first appointment, free of charge.

We advocate for you

Our background in advocating for and empowering people who have faced disadvantage and discrimination has broken down many barriers for our job seekers. And we bring this experience to those who live with disability or inability.

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More than just a job

We understand that disability can make finding work difficult, but we’re not only here to help you find a job. Our service is holistic – we know there’s more to you than just your employment status – and our team can provide additional support free of charge, in collaboration with partner community organisations. This includes crisis care, support for homelessness, domestic violence and some medical support.

Let Jobfind help you now

You can access Jobfind’s DES program by:

directly registering with us at Jobfind
referral from the Department of Human Services (DHS) – this generally applies to people receiving Centrelink payments who have mutual obligation or compulsory participation requirements
transfer to Jobfind from another provider. 
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Disability Employment - image of man seated at computer and smiling

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