Disability Employment Services

Living with an illness, injury or disability?

We understand no two people are ever the same and are committed to delivering tailored and individualised employment solutions to meet your needs. Jobfind can assist you to find suitable and sustainable employment to help you build a better life and a brighter future. Through focussing on your skills, we will build a support network around you so that you are confident in finding and maintaining employment.


Jobfind can help you with:

Finding a job

Jobfind has built relationships with a variety of employers across many industries. We advocate to employers so they understand you, your strengths and capabilities and why you would benefit their business. We also negotiate with employers to create suitable employment or just ask to give you an opportunity of work.

Preparing for the workforce

Jobfind will make sure you are career-ready with personalised Interview training, Industry-specific preparations, workplace communication training, organisation / planning skills, training in personal presentation and any other guiding, resources or training needed.

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Maintaining employment

Jobfind will be with you every step of the way. Right from day one, we are onsite to help with your induction.  We will still be by your side to help manage tricky situations 12 months on. We are there to help you be the best you can be at work.

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Our support doesn’t end once you find a job. We understand there are factors in and outside the workplace that affect your work life balance. We are here to support you through those challenges as you adjust and adapt to your new position and work environment.

We also provide access to non-vocational support services. Whether it be counselling or work placement adjustments to cater for physical restrictions, we will work alongside you to find a solution to help you gain and maintain employment.

If you ever find yourself at risk of losing your job as a result of the injury, illness or disability, our Work Assist program can help. We work in consultation with you and your current employer to maintain your employment.