Youth Employment Consortium: Our Commitment to Youth Unemployment

We have a crisis in Australia that will have a major impact on future generations capacity to meet global challenges.  We believe that bringing partnerships together will allow communities to address these challenges in the most creative and inclusive manner.

Youth unemployment is currently around 2 x higher than the national average, and around 10.2% of our young people are unable to find work. The shocking truth is that at the end of 2020, one in three young people in Australia were unemployed or underemployed.

Youth unemployment can prevent a person securing training and vital employment skills, damage long-term job prospects, put additional pressure on families, generate social exclusion, and adversely affect metal well-being. Widespread youth unemployment (the “Lost generation”) can lead to a generation that is socially excluded trapped in poverty, and disengaged from the wider community.

To break this cycle, we need to engage with young people in all areas of their life to support, nurture and develop them in meaningful ways.

This needs to be done with families, social and peer groups and community engagement and with personal introspection. We feel that a young person can engage and feel sustained when their emotional, psychological, and physical wellbeing is looked after.

When these spheres do not function well, there is a risk of our youth reaching high levels of disengagement.


We are passionate about teaming up with our expert partners to create a one-stop shop platform that our youth can access to fulfil their dreams.

The Youth Employment Consortium (YEC) is a flagship collaboration between Australia’s largest training, employment, employers, NFP and partners to upskill young people, create long-term career paths and defeat youth unemployment.

Our vision is to provide a channel of communication and connection to the younger Australian community and take genuine steps to understand their needs and interests. This in turn will enable us to assist them in overcoming their barriers and improve their confidence.

Speak to your Employment Consultant at any time if you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or need extra support.

They will refer you to the right channel to receive support or counselling services – at no cost to you. It’s all part of the way we work with you to improve your life through employment.

Through our work, we intend to promote inclusivity, celebrate diversity, and empower young people to shape their future thinking and decision making. The YEC aims to lead by example and create a unique mechanism of supports that the young people within Australian community can access to achieve successful outcomes for their lives.

The YEC promotes inclusivity, celebrates diversity and empowers young Australian’s with access to employment and training partners who help achieve successful outcomes for their lives.

The Youth Employment Consortium aims to;

  1. Establish itself as a hothouse of best practice and thought leadership
  2. Shape Australia’s future by securing meaningful employment for young people
  3. Generate confidence in young people to enable them to make informed decisions about their life
  4. Shape young people’s aptitude through appropriate skills training
  5. Build a solid foundation for a young person’s life by encouraging their voice, their sense of belonging and self-efficacies
  6. Find solutions for young people through simplifying the system
  7. Commit to celebrating young people’s achievements

Our partner organisations are the best in their field at delivering aligned and mutually beneficial services.

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Jobseekers: How we help

All youth jobseekers registered with Jobfind are eligible for Consortium support.

Please contact your Employment Consultant for information.

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