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Jason disability employment

Jason is one of our Disability Employment Service (DES) clients linked with our Dapto office. He is a vibrant young man who lights up the room with his cheeky smile and quirky sassiness.

He started working with Employment Consultant, Carol Clarke, in April 2020. Jason has an intellectual disability, ADHD and mild speech impairment, but he was keen to take the step into employment.

A big part of his support network is his mum. Many of our DES job seekers have support networks, which we include in appointments. So together, we can find the right jobs to match individual skills and abilities.

Over a few weeks, Jason and his mum popped in to see Carol to discuss the roles Jason had shown a keen interest. So when a position popped up in Dapto Mall at Espresso Warriors Café, Carol knew it would be perfect for Jason. He was so excited!

Carol dropped by the café and spoke with the Manager and arranged an assisted interview with Jason a week later. He did very well with his interview, impressing the Manager with his big smile. Interviews can be a challenge for many – and when speech issues are present – it can add another layer of complexity. One of the ways we help our job seekers overcome barriers is by facilitating assisted interviews, and Carol advocated on his behalf.

A few days later, Jason found out he got the job. A slight setback meant a delay of his start date due to the temporary closure of the business through the first wave of the pandemic, but the business was keen to have him. Within the week, the Manager contacted Carol and gave her Jason’s new start date in June.

Jason is so grateful for the support he received he made a surprise visit to Carol, giving her a huge hug, card and box of chocolates!

“Jobfind fully supported my employment journey. From finding a job to helping with the employment process and then regular check-ins once I got the job was fantastic. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Carol kept in contact with Jason throughout his employment – mainly through his mum – and she is proud of the confidence he now has in himself.

“Over the time Jason was linked to Jobfind, he blossomed in leaps and bounds. Jason’s confidence in himself grew, and the new skills he learned along with the positive feedback from his employer was fantastic to be a part of.”

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