Deepa Golani is the Victorian Disability Employment Services Manager and the Manager of Jobfind’s NDIS program in Melbourne. She has a Bachelors in Commerce (major economics and marketing), a Diploma in Advanced Software technology and a Diploma in Business Management.

I was destined to work in the employment services sector and am grateful that 10 years later I am still keen to learn more and continue to do my bit for the community.

I was completely new to the employment sector and as such had no clue that this industry existed when I first started working as an Employment Consultant. I took my first role in this industry as an Employment Consultant after I finished my maternity leave, long keen to leave my previous roles which were circled around mainly Contact Centre and BPO Management, Insurance and Banking projects both in Australia and overseas. I wanted to achieve excellence through being a part of the industry that valued social entrepreneurship and community services combined with leadership skills.

I feel that my skills are 100% aligned to what is needed from an employment services leader– huge tonnes of self-motivation to excel, sharp collaboration and engagement abilities, strategic people management and leadership skills and understanding of the labour market makes me well equipped for this.

But most of all, I feel I bring in a strong level of emotional intelligence to service the most disadvantaged, enabling them to live a satisfied life and that gives me great high and satisfaction. I feel proud to be a part of this industry.

My efforts and my work are directly contributing to Jobfind’s longer term objectives, the fact that I am able to work with a team who understand this motive clearly and allows me an opportunity to inspire them through my actions. I look forward to the collaborative and super productive discussions I have with my seniors and in turn take those messages by coaching and mentoring individuals in my team. This in turn brings huge economic development within the community we live in: that’s what makes me get up and go to work every day.

We work with some of the most disadvantaged people within this country. Their life stories touch us deeply and we genuinely try to transition them to a life they deserve – a Full Life that is.  I feel grateful that I have secured this opportunity to work within the disability employment services program at Jobfind and through my work, little by little bring a genuine, meaningful positive change in someone’s life.

I take pride in being a part of this dynamic team of leaders where everyone has such amazing expertise to offer. Not only do I get an opportunity to put forward my creative ideas on the table, but I also learn so much every day from the other members of our team, executive leaders and their creative ideas. Jobfind truly is a satisfying place to work at and my Journey at Jobfind has been nothing but positive.

I have connected with NDIS services within the local community and have general knowledge about how it works but this will be my first time leading an NDIS team and being involved in detailed functionality of the program. The timing couldn’t be more right, and I am extremely geared to make it happen.

You can contact Deepa at [email protected]

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