Regional Employment and Partnerships Coordinators

We’re hiring Regional Employment and Partnerships Coordinators. To learn more read the position description and fact sheet.

Our Regional Employment and Partnerships Coordinators are tasked with working on the ground in their local area to identify and assist in addressing economic and social impacts brought about by COVID-19. 

Our Coordinators will support employers and industries looking for employees now and in the future. They will work with local job seekers to train and prepare them for the available job opportunities. 

Our Coordinators hold senior positions in Jobfind (a business under the Angus Knight Group). They are both strategically and operationally focused to enable them to deliver productive workforces to employers and industries. 

The Angus Knight Group has a range of businesses under its portfolio that deliver integrated servicing across: 

  • government employment services – focus on job seekers on a Government income support payment, including Indigenous Australians, people with disability, youth, mature aged, parents, and re-trenched workers
  • training on-line and face-to-face, including pre-vocational training, industry specific training, and certificate level courses 
  • on-line health services to support the wellbeing of our job seekers. 

 Our Coordinators can tap into our integrated services to identify solutions to address local needs. 

Get in touch, Stay in touch – our Coordinators are online and on the ground with your community. Your Regional Employment and Partnerships Coordinator is ready to meet with you and your organisation to understand your needs and co-design solutions to meet those. 


Sydney South West

Kamel el Temsah

Email Kamel

Sydney North and West

Luke Anscombe

Email Luke

Sydney Greater West

Norma Ibrahim

Email Norma

Illawarra South Coast

Richard Hart

Email Richard

Capital Region NSW/ACT

Julie Polson

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Flo Walker

Email Flo

Brisbane South East and Wivenhoe

Glenn Zimmer

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Lyn Ketter

Email Lyn


Western Melbourne

Deepa Golani

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South Eastern Melbourne and Peninsula

Graham Webster

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North Eastern Melbourne and North Western Melbourne

Joe Abdo

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Inner Metropolitan Melbourne

Julia Bassani
Inner Metro Melbourne Local Jobs Taskforce Member

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