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The art to finding work for mature job seekers

By November 2, 2021July 1st, 2022No Comments
mature job seeker Kerry

Career Transition Assistance Facilitator, Simon Wong, runs the Career Transition Assistance (CTA) program in the Inner Metro Melbourne region. The program helps mature job seekers 45 years and over into work. One of those people supported by the program is Kerry*.

Kerry’s experience of CTA is a positive one. An important aspect for her was Simon’s approach. He puts himself in the shoes of his job seekers and understands that people looking for work may lack self-confidence and the necessary skills to find a job. So, he begins the course with self-reflection and mindset work, asking each participant to envision how comfortable and competent they would feel to get a job successfully.

Through the reflection journey, Simon highlights that each person’s life is full of work experiences and skills which may be transferred to any new desired workplace. His participants regularly hear him using his favourite Bruce Lee quote, Be Water, which means to adapt to your environment with your existing knowledge and skills.

Through CTA, Kerry gained confidence and is empowered to use the strengths and skills from her work life and apply them to new roles.

“I now have a good understanding of how the employment system works and what employers are looking for. I also have a can-do attitude with a well-prepared cover letter, resume and interview skills.”

During the program, Kerry gained lots of practical support and advice to:

  • explore goals and motivations
  • identify existing skills and how they transfer to other jobs or industries
  • understand the job opportunities in the local area, and the skills needed for these jobs
  • update and tailor a résumé, job applications and cover letters for a job application
  • get confident using technology to search and apply for jobs

Kerry now has a full-time job and is grateful to Simon for giving her the tools to succeed.

“I have found full-time work as a Contact Center Operator, and I would not have been able to find work without Simon’s help. He has made finding work an art.”

For more information about the CTA program, visit:

* Name changed to protect privacy