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We find and support the right people for your business

Your staff are your greatest asset

At Jobfind, we offer no-cost employment services to businesses. Our ability to quickly service your vacancies with our database of more than 1,000 ready-to-work applicants means we can provide suitable candidates for interview, placement and transition support so you can get back to work faster.  

Unlike most other providers, we have a specialist team of Regional Employment and Partnership Coordinators who work on the ground locally to identify and address local needs. Our coordinators support employers and industries looking for employees.

We work with both employers and job seekers to ensure we have a productive workforce for you. 

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We can help build your team, at no cost

Our passionate team of consultants and coordinators are excited to find out about you and your business. They will support you through the entire recruitment process and beyond.  

We start by gaining a deep understanding of what you’re looking for, so we can tailor services to you and provide job-ready candidates who match your needs. 

All our job seekers are carefully screened to ensure we understand their talents, abilities and passions, and to make sure they are the right fit for you. We support them and work with them one-on-one to ensure they have the correct skills, qualifications and attitude before presenting them to you. 

And we don’t just move on once they are with you; we continue to offer post-placement support for at least six months to ensure everyone is getting the most from the partnership. 

Let us help you find the right people for your business. Simply tell us about your vacancy and we’ll get straight onto it.

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We can help coordinate financial incentives

We will ensure you know about and access any available wage subsidies and incentives. Our team are experts in these schemes and can help you get the most out of them. By working with us, you could access subsidies of up to $10,000 per person (depending on their eligibility). 

We can help you make the most of your people

When you join Jobfind’s employer network, you also have access to: 

data analysis including labour market trends, notice of skills shortages and future economic developments to help you plan and recruit your future workforce 
human resources planning, including strategies to increase diversity and innovation, employee retention and reduced absenteeism 
the opportunity to tap into our integrated training services for job seekers, including pre-vocational training, industry-specific training and certificate level courses, through our training partnerships with the Angus Knight Institute and TAFE Directors Australia 
online health services to support the wellbeing of our job seekers.  
we can help you find assistance and advice on human resources, wages and employment conditions

We partner with employers who embrace diversity

We offer businesses the opportunity to benefit from a more diverse workforce. Diversity helps empower your business through: 

enhancing innovation, new thinking, and a better understanding of sections of your market 
improving positive brand awareness and being seen as an employer and supplier of choice 
giving your business a competitive edge in tendering and procurement opportunities 
meeting corporate social responsibility targets 
building stronger, more empowered teams
assistance and advice on human resources, wages and employment conditions

Let us help you benefit from diversity

Our employment consultants work with our job seekers one-on-one to ensure that by the time they’re presented to a business for consideration they are capable, willing, and ready for long-term employment. We do this through mentoring, work experience, training and community supports.  

We also offer employers a range of services to support our job seekers’ transition into work, including cultural competency training, mentoring, and physical upgrades to the work environment, such as installation of a wheelchair ramp. 

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Our First Nations employment program

Employers in Jobfind’s network can benefit from our unique program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers. 

Pre-placement support includes:

workforce planning and development of an Indigenous recruitment strategy to support current and future needs
access to a diverse pool of job seekers – from professionals to skilled and semi-skilled candidates
assistance with candidate pre-screening and the selection process 
assistance with induction processes and pre-employment training programs.  

Post-placement support includes:    

ongoing employee training and support (tailored to you and your employee’s needs and circumstances)
 access to health and wellbeing professionals for up to 26 weeks post-placement 
assistance with securing wage subsidy assistance  
access to funds for up-skilling staff if development needs are identified on the job 
access to funds for workplace clothing, training, licensing, tools for the trade and wage subsidies for eligible job seekers 
support for apprenticeships and traineeships 
support for cultural competency training, including through our Supply Nation-certified sister company, Real Futures, and linking to community organisations and Elders. 

Our service delivery plan

Jobfind’s Service Delivery Plan for Employers details the standard of services which can be relied on from Jobfind’s employer services team and is available from our offices. 

All services provided by Jobfind are quality assured through QMS ISO 9001 Certification and are Right fit for Risk certified. 

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