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Youthfind is our specialist service to help coach and mentor people under 25 years old through training and education and into jobs.

Using our partnerships with TAFE Directors Australia, Australia’s largest training organisations, labour hire companies, employers, community organisations and education partners we provide relevant, useful and appropriate workshops, training, upskilling and work opportunities to create long-term career paths.

The facts

Youth unemployment is currently around 2 x higher than the national average, and around 10.2% of our young people are unable to find work. Youth unemployment can damage long-term job prospects, put additional pressure on families, generate social exclusion, and adversely affect mental well-being.

To break this cycle, we engage with young people in all areas of their life to support, nurture and develop them in meaningful ways – with families, peer groups, friends and through community engagement.

Jobfind's Youth Employment Consortium

The Youth Employment Consortium is a flagship collaboration between Australia’s largest training organisations, employment companies, employers, charities and education partners to upskill young people, create long-term career paths and defeat youth unemployment.

The Youth Employment Consortium:

promotes inclusivity and celebrates diversity
empowers young Australians with access to appropriate self-development, skills training and jobs
generates confidence and well being and enables young people to make informed decisions about their lives
helps build a solid foundation in life by encouraging your voice, sense of belonging and self-efficacies
simplifies the system and provides a one-stop-shop service

Our partner organisations are the best in their field at delivering aligned and mutually beneficial services.

Jobfind’s Youth Employment Consortium partners

Youth Employment Consortium Events

We partner with a number of training and employment and community organisations to create tangible opportunities for people 15-24. The events are all free and focus on celebrating your unique skills, for a job you actually want.

Contact your local Jobfind office to find out what’s coming up.

Join the consortium

We’d love to hear from employers, community organisation and training providers interested in joining the Jobfind Youth Employment Consortium

Jobseekers: Who is eligible

All youth jobseekers registered with Jobfind are eligible for Consortium support.

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We’re here to help. Our frequently asked questions might have the answer you are looking for.

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