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Prepare for work with training and work trials tailored to local job opportunities.

Our Employability Skills Training (EST) program is designed to prepare you for the reality of today’s workplaces. Learn core skills and industry insights so you meet employers’ expectations.

We offer two different short courses of targeted training:

Block 1: 75 hours of advanced job search skills, core skills for work, and industry awareness.

Block 2: 75 hours of industry focussed training including industry career prospects, skill sets and work trials.

Our Placement Management Service assists you into a work trial with a host employer with a genuine prospect of employment.

Employability Skills Training

How can Employability Skills Training help?

Enhance your work readiness with group pre-employment training that is tailored to individual participants. Interact in work-like experiences and industry scenarios for real-world preparation.

You can choose to complete one or both Training Blocks if both are offered in your local area.

Training Block 1:

learn and practise the 10 Core Skills for Work including teamwork, communication and digital literacy
prepare your résumé, write job applications, and practise interviewing
understand your local labour market and entry-level employment opportunities

Training Block 2:

identify your career path by learning about the duties, skills and requirements of roles in a variety of industries
experience workplace tours, employer talks and mock interviews specific to industry
specialist courses offer micro credentials to equip you to enter industries e.g. Responsible Service of Alcohol competency training

Each Training Block is designed as a pathway to employment via an internship placement or work experience with a host employer.

Who is eligible to participate?

Job seekers aged 15 years and over who are receiving Workforce Australia Online and Provider employment services, Transition to Work (TtW) and Disability Employment Services (DES) are eligible for EST. You can:

select to enrol in your local EST program
be referred to EST by your Workforce Australia provider

How does it work?

If you’re interested in participating in EST, simply ask your Employment Consultant to refer you to your local Jobfind EST provider.

your Employment Consultant will walk you through the steps and refer you to the program
if you have an existing activity in your job plan, you may have to wait until it is completed to start EST with Jobfind
before starting the program, our trainers and placement officers may assess your needs and interests in the local labour market
Both Training Block 1 and Training Block 2 are designed as a pathway to employment and run for 75 hours each. You can choose to do both blocks at our locations in Ballarat, Hunter and Perth North. We also offer Block 2 in Sydney Greater West and Cairns regions.

Enquire about Employability Skills Training

Get in touch to register or find out more about the Employability Skills Training program.


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