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Empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers with inclusive, encouraging and culturally aware support

Committed to walking alongside Mob, our service not only supports the job seeker but their family and community too. 

Jobfind offers a unique support service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, based on our reconciliation action plan. 

Our service is holistic – we don’t just look at your employment status. We consider your place within your family and community and your commitments to them, and we work towards employment together.  

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How we work with you

Our mentoring team will work with you to develop strategies to get you into the workforce, taking into account your individual needs and how long you have been looking for work.

we focus on your interests and motivations
we support you with the basics – for example, 100 points of identification, safe long-term accommodation (including crisis care)help to create a positive and supportive network
we can arrange care team meetings with any support networks you need
we can help you find and enrol in relevant courses to develop your skills or complete training you need for work
when you get a job, we will make sure you are ready to go – for example, we may be able to help with practical things like new work clothes or equipment.

We collaborate with employers

We aim to find jobs that value your culture and life experience, working with employers who embrace diversity in their business.

we support businesses by providing them with culturally appropriate services that break down barriers
we develop your employability skills through close partnership with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community groups
we offer employers a range of services, including advice and mentoring, to support your transition into work and ensuring your needs are met
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