What we do

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We support job seekers to return to work, switch careers and find jobs they love

Our key area of focus is to provide solutions to disadvantaged Australians, including First Nations peoples, the long-term unemployed, young people, mature-aged and people with a disability.

We service the communities we operate in, by delivering economic, social, employment and learning outcomes.

More than just a job

Jobfind uses evidence-based approaches to continuously improve how we work. Collaborating with community and not-for-profit organisations, employers and specialists, we always aim to go above and beyond to deliver better outcomes and enrich and empower people’s lives at the local level.

We provide employment services underpinned by comprehensive support

Pre-employment preparation and training, recruitment, coaching and mentoring, and post-employment support for job seekers.

Services for young people.

Services for mature-aged people.

Human resources strategies, recruitment and onboarding solutions for employers, at no cost.

We provide education and training to build job-readiness and turn jobs into careers

Vocational training, bespoke training programs and education for our job seekers.

Cultural competency training for employers.

We help people with disabilities thrive at work

Employment solutions and support individually tailored for job seekers with a disability, injury or health condition – including anxiety and depression.

Services for employers to ensure they understand the limitations as well as the strengths of potential employees, and assistance in creating a flexible and supportive workplace.

We work with First Nations job seekers through a dedicated program

One-on-one support, training, recruitment, mentoring.

Services that not only support the job seeker but their family and community too.

Cultural competency and safety training for employers.

We support wellbeing

Professional counselling and support services to our job seekers at no cost, through our Healthfind program.

Cost-free programs for both employers and job seekers

We are a government-funded service, and compete for this right by delivering excellent services. We are currently contracted for the following programs.

jobactive logo - image of blue and grey elements reading jobactive an Australian Government Initiative

For Australian job seekers receiving income support. Jobactive is offered in some of our Melbourne offices.

Disability Employment Services logo - image of blue, green and black elements reading Disability Employment Services

If you’re living with an injury, illness or disability and want to find a job, we are here to help.

Paents Next logo -image of green and purple elements reading Parents Next

Supporting Parenting Payment recipients with children under-6 achieve study and work goals.

Career Transition Assistance - image of blue, yellow and orange elements reading Career Transition Assistance

Helping mature-age job seekers build the confidence and skills to become more competitive in the job market.

Youth Jobs Path logo - image of blue and green logo reading Youth Jobs Path

A service that helps young people gain the skills and work experience needed to get and keep a job.

2021 performance

In April 2021 we placed 1000 people into a job, started 1000 job seekers on their journey to a job, and supported 1000 people to achieve the 6-month milestone in their new job. We have invested $9.3 million of employment funds on 7,202 job seekers – on uniforms and clothing training, tools, books, mobile phones, petrol, driving lessons, medical expenses, rent and crisis accommodation, and even food.

Case study – Path Internships

Some of the young job seekers we are working with at Jobfind have taken up the Prepare-Trial-Hire (PaTH) internship program that allows participants to demonstrate their skills to a potential employer, develop vocational skills and improve their employment prospects. The program also gives employers the opportunity to trial young job seekers in a structured work experience placement to see if they are the right fit for their business.

Rachael’s Jobfind employment consultant helped her to access work clothing and transport assistance via the Employment Fund, and Rachael started her internship at the Hungry Jack’s restaurant in Cragieburn, VIC.

Just four weeks into her internship, Rachael was offered a permanent position. She is now studying a Certificate III in Hospitality on her way to becoming a team leader.

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