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Our ParentsNext program supports parents and carers to prepare for work

If you have a child under six and have been receiving the Parenting Payment for at least 6 months, ParentsNext may be able to help you re-enter the workforce. 

We understand that giving your child the best start in life is a priority.

Jobfind’s ParentsNext program can give you the confidence and skills to re-enter the workforce and reach your own milestones – when the time is right for you and your family.

What might ParentsNext look like for you?

ParentsNext is available to parents who receive the Parenting Payment. It is designed to help prepare you for work by the time your youngest child starts school.

You can still participate in ParentsNext if your youngest is not yet ready for school, and there is no requirement to return to work as soon as you are enrolled in the program. Our team can support you to engage in training, develop skills and participate in community activities until you are ready to return to the workforce.

At Jobfind, we want to understand what ‘work’ means to you. We do this by listening and learning about your background, circumstances and goals for the future.  

For you, ParentsNext might mean: 

finding a job that suits your family needs 
joining a community group for support in learning new skills 
engaging with the local community in activities  
financial support to enrol in a training course
working with qualified health professionals to support physical or mental illness or injury 

How Jobfind can help

Our ParentsNext team have experience working with families from many different backgrounds, including providing additional support to migrant families, or families where children need additional support for disability or illness. We also provide confidential support to families in crisis 

Our ParentsNext team:

understand barriers to employment
support different needs and challenges
help you to grow skills and confidence in finding paid work
offer career coaching 
have access to child care provider networks.

Getting Started

When you join Jobfind we will connect you with a dedicated ParentsNext consultant who will work directly with you during your time in the program.

You and your consultant will meet face-to-face in the JobFind office closest to you
In this meeting your consultant will listen and learn about your personal family circumstances, and any limitations you have to work
You’ll also discuss your skills, experience and the kind of work you’re looking for
Together, you and your consultant will create a tailored Participation Plan with activities that help prepare you for work and move you towards employment and education goals
You might also talk about participation in community activities to help build a wider supportive network around you
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Got more questions?

We’re here to help. Our frequently asked questions might have the answer you are looking for.

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