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Adam finds the perfect fit as a Medical Rep

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EDIT : As of 24 July 2023, Jobfind’s disability employment services are provided by uLaunch.

When Adam lost his leg in an accident, he was in his late forties and his work as a sales and operations co-ordinator ceased. Several years of unemployment followed as he adjusted to his new circumstances and focussed on his recovery.

As Adam planned his return to work, he completed a Certificate III in Business and sought out Jobfind Disability Employment Services in October 2020 to help him find a job. 

Just six months later, Adam commenced a new job as a medical sales representative with the work-from-home adjustments he needed. 

Team Adam

Adam went in search of the right employment service to help him find a job, and he soon arrived at our 5-star Warilla office. He was quick to tell us that he wanted Jobfind on his team. 

Together with his Disability Employment Services Consultant, Claudine, Adam set about achieving his goal of finding a job that matched his qualifications and work experience. He also ideally wanted to work from home given his physical limitations. 

Adam and Claudine met weekly to discuss job opportunities and review his Job Plan. Claudine focused on Adam’s strengths, listened to him and supported his ideas.  

To match Adam to vacancies,  Claudine and Adam would discuss the role, travel times, ability to work from home and other conditions before Adam was referred.  For each job application, they wrote a tailored cover letter and resume that drew out Adam’s skills to suit the role. 

Holistic support to stay on track 

As Christmas approached, the stress of his injury, long-term unemployment and the emotional and financial impact on family was building. 

To further support Adam to achieve his employment goals, Claudine encouraged Adam to get a health care plan to address his mental health and his ongoing physical health needs.

With a new pain management plan in place,  Adam was able to focus on getting a job, staying positive and moving forward.  

To alleviate financial stressors,Claudine also referred Adam to Jobfind’s community partner,Wesley Mission, for  financial advice, counselling and budgeting. 

Finding the perfect fit 

When a new job opportunity as a medical sales rep became available, Claudine encouraged Adam to apply.

“Adam is articulate and organised, and it was evident that he would do well in this role, communicating and negotiating over the phone and following up with administration as required,” explains Claudine.

Jobfind advocated for Adam with the employer, securing Adam interviews  via phone and video. 

Adam was offered the job and commenced in April 2021, with the added benefit of being able to predominantly work from home.

Lasting employment leads to independence 

One year later, Adam is thriving in the medical equipment and pharmaceuticals industry, using his sales, communication and co-ordination skills daily when speaking with doctors, hospital directors, pharmacies and health care professionals.

Jobfind has also referred Adam to JobAccess for assistance with new prosthetics and a sit-stand desk to assist him in being able to work from home and modify his work area.  

This post-placement support has helped him perform in his job, and he has now even been promoted by his employer into a management role. Adam and his family are now able to relax a little bit after all the stress of the previous few years. 

Adam’s employer is delighted with his strong work ethic, and high-performance and they have been happy to progress his career. 

Adam has been exited as an independent worker following on from his request as no longer requires ongoing support.  

Contact Jobfind

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