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Employability Skills Training already reaps results

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The Workforce Australia—Employability Skills Training program is specifically designed to help job seekers receiving income support to boost their skills and knowledge to be job ready and confident to work. 

In July 2022, Jobfind commenced its delivery of the Australian Government’s Employability Skills Training (EST) in Cairns, Ballarat, Sydney Greater West, Hunter and Perth. 

The first cohort graduates in Cairns 

Cairns was the first location to welcome job seekers to its inaugural program from its office at 14 Aplin Street, Cairns. 

 Suha McCartney organised the 3-week generalist program that gives participants practical support to improve their job search and workplace skills, while working towards an accredited qualification delivered by registered training organisation, Learning Sphere. 

“Three young people, Jayden, Ben and Coleen, have already graduated from the course. They finish with a Certificate III in Business, real business insights, competitive resumes and greater confidence to work,” explains Suha.


Ben (3rd from right) and Coleen (far right) with their trainer and program coordinators

Jayden, aged 16 years, secured work before the course finished. 

 He was referred to the EST program by his youth mentor from Jobfind’s Transition to Work program, Sara Steffensen (pictured far left in the picture above).

“I referred Jayden to EST for extra career guidance and support to find a job that was suitable for him,” explains Sara. 

Within weeks of commencing EST, Jayden had plucked up the courage to hand in his updated resume at his local McDonald’s. With personal coaching from program coordinator, Suha, Jayden was well-prepared for his interview and even followed up with the manager to ask for feedback. 

He was delighted when he was offered the job of Crew Member and Suha was there to greet him after his first shift. 

On completing the program, Jayden said:
“It’s the first time I feel people genuinely care about me and my future.”

Jayden secured a job during the EST course

Real-world industry experience

Workplace visits and industry exposure are integral to the participants’ experience. 

In Midland, Perth, the first cohort of EST participants had the opportunity to observe operations at their local Woolworths Midland Centrepoint store. They spent the day with Woolworths staff and experienced a variety of operations, including online orders, grocery, and the fruit and vegetable department. 

To get one step closer to employment, they also learned how to apply for roles at Woolworths. 


From Left: Gemma Ball (EST program coordinator) with program participants inside their local Woolworths store

In Cairns, participants joined St Vincent de Paul’s retail course to attend a session on personal presentation, followed by a tour of the retail section for an overview of a typical day’s work. 

 To put their new knowledge into practice, the participants completed a styling session with a new outfit for interviews. 

The retail industry session was a hit. Coleen models her new work look.

New local partnerships to assist job seekers 

Local employer relationships are key to helping participants move into work. 

In Cairns, Amber Congdon, EST’s Business Development Manager, is meeting employers and industry groups to establish new pathways to employment for program participants. 

 A new alliance with DFO Cairns has the team planning a jobs drive in October. 

 In the lead-up to the busy Christmas trading season, connecting job seekers with retailers is a win:win, says Amber. 

 “Our EST participants will have first access to speak to employing retailers in the centre,” says Amber. 

 What’s more, centre retailers will learn more about Jobfind’s no-cost recruitment service to help them fill vacancies. 

While many employers choose government employment service providers as their first stop when looking for staff, other employers are yet to access the free service.  

 “Jobfind can specifically prepare job seekers to meet an employer’s requirements. Employment service providers can also access wage subsidies to provide government financial support to hire and retain employees,” explains Amber. 

L to R: Amber Congdon and Suha McCartney, Employability Skills Training program

 Positive feedback so far

When surveyed, 100% of participants in Cairns and Perth who completed the Employability Skills Training program agreed they have improved their skills for work and are better prepared to apply for jobs. 

 “We are so proud of all our participants and their employment service providers who referred them for Employability Skills Training. It is a great investment in their future,” says Suha. 

To learn more about Employability Skills Training with Jobfind, visit or call 1800 113 233.