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How Further Education is Possible with Jobfind – Lilian’s Story

By February 1, 2024February 13th, 2024No Comments

Jobfind is not just about finding work. The entire Jobfind team is invested in both developing an individual’s professional and personal development. The experience of Lilian is a perfect example of how Jobfind support can open up new opportunities with the Transition to Work Program.

Transition to Work is a service to support young people aged 15-24 on their journey to employment.

At Jobfind, you’ll work one-on-one with a Youth Mentor to help you figure out what your next steps into employment look like. You can participate in a mix of individual, group and self-directed activities to learn new skills, attain a qualification, or engage in local work experience.

In the case of Lilian who completed secondary school studies until Year 10, further study was of interest but she was unsure of her options without having Year 12 entry pre-requisites. Jobfind identified the Certificate III in Business Administration as a course that would both interest Lilian as well as increase her possibilities for further study.

Throughout her study, Lilian’s Jobfind’s Employment Consultant Daria Govorov was in weekly contact to provide encouragement and support. Lilian successfully completed the course which successfully opened up Tertiary study as an option. Finding enormous satisfaction and reward in study Lilian will commence a Bachelor of Science (Criminology and Psychology) in March. She is also looking for employment opportunities while she commences full-time study.

Lilian never thought university study would ever have been possible without Jobfind’s Transition to Work support and the belief in her potential.