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Talking jobs for youth on Cairns radio

By April 6, 2022No Comments

This National Youth Week our disability employment service consultants in Cairns, Flo Walker and Rebecca Fasano, had the great privilege of talking on Radio BBM 98.7FM about youth employment with our friends Mafa and Max from Youth Link.

Our young clients in disability employment services are living with a disability, injury or health condition and need extra support to prepare for, find, and keep a meaningful job.

In Cairns, a 12.3% youth unemployment rate is still well above Queensland and national averages at 10.4% and 9% respectively (National Skills Commissions, February 2022). Young people with a disability are even more likely to be unemployed or disengaged with the labour force. Statistically, the unemployment rate of people with a disability is twice that of people without a disability.

To close the gap, our disability employment service in Cairns is helping eligible job seekers of working age to access training and career pathways by providing a one-on-one tailored and personal service.

Listen to a snippet of the Youth Focus radio interview below:

Here’s a brief recap of the highlights:

Help is available

Don’t know where to start or feel discouraged about finding a job? Our disability employment service can help you to:

  • Identify your skills and interests
  • Build your resume
  • Upgrade your skills and training
  • Prepare for a work routine
  • Present yourself professionally
  • Search for jobs
  • Find a supportive employer
  • Get your foot in the door

From your initial appointment, we take your journey to a job seriously. We will even ask you to use your appointments with us as job preparation – come dressed for success!

There’s a job out there for you

We understand that not every job is for everyone, but we firmly believe that there is a job for everyone. “We believe everyone is employable,” says Flo.

Right now in Cairns, there are many vacancies and employers are asking our disability employment service to help them fill vacancies.

At Jobfind, we take the time to understand the employer’s needs, then match them with our job seekers who are skilled and ready to work.

Rebecca spends a lot of her time reverse marketing job seekers to employers because she can quickly identify her clients who would be a good fit for the employer.

You’re a gift to employers

When you are motivated to learn and have the right work ethic and attitude, you become a gift for employers. We have many local employers who want to give our young people the opportunity to grow with their business. People with a disability typically have higher retention rates than people without a disability, and our employers understand that.  Because we continue to support our job seekers for 12 months after job placement, there is more opportunity to sustain lasting employment and that’s good for employers and job seekers.

Your individual goals and aspirations matter

The most effective way to engage young people with job search and work is to explore their personal motivations and interests, says Rebecca, who left school early to start working at the age of 15. “School wasn’t for me,” says Rebecca, who didn’t know what she wanted to do, but started working in food services. She then worked her way up to become a manager at Woolworths, before eventually finding her way to Jobfind, “…because I wanted to do better…help people move forwards into employment.”

Flo and Rebecca take job seekers on their own journey from the unknown to the known. While young people may start by saying, “I don’t know what I want to do,” through a process of discovery, job seekers identify a range of interests like music or being physically active. “Out-of-the-box is fine, we can work with that!” says Flo.

Access local community services

We understand that our job seekers have many priorities that compete with their job search activities. Things like poor mental health and housing insecurity can make it difficult to stay on track with job search and employment. That’s why Jobfind will engage closely with other community service providers to support job seekers holistically. Wrap-around support can help you to put your best foot forward on your pathway to employment.

The Jobfind difference: a person-centred approach

Everyone is unique and has their own strengths, struggles and journey, says Flo. “We listen to you and work with you to find out what you like to do.”

The individual support when it’s most needed makes a big difference, says Rebecca, who has attended job interviews with her clients and visits their job sites to help them settle into work. “I tell them I’ll be there, and they know they’re not alone. It’s peace of mind.”

How to contact Jobfind Cairns

“Come in and talk to us,” is Flo’s message to people looking for work. We can help you understand your eligibility for our disability employment service.

Jobfind Cairns
78 Spence Street, Cairns City
Cnr McLeod Street, opposite Cairns Central Shopping Centre
Ph: 1800 113 233