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Workforce Australia fast tracks Josh into a job he loves

By October 4, 2022February 20th, 2023No Comments

Josh, aged 37, is a labourer by trade and represents the fourth biggest occupational group in the Gippsland region. Yet, personal circumstances and a lack of suitable opportunities had kept him out of the labour force since 2006. 

But after meeting his new Workforce Australia employment services team from Jobfind, he went from unemployed to full-time work in days. 

Key challenges in the local area 

In regional Lake Tyers in Gippsland, Victoria, the unemployment rate is more than double the average unemployment rate in Victoria (National Skills Commission, August 2022). Labour force participation rates in the Gippsland region are amongst the lowest in Victoria. This may be due to a combination of economic and social factors, including pockets of high disadvantage, and lower levels of higher education attainment (Local Jobs Plan, Gippsland Victoria, December 2021). 

Like many job seekers in the area, Josh faces significant travel times to reach jobs; public transport in the region is limited to infrequent bus services and towns are separated by large distances. 

That’s why Jobfind travels each week to meet Workforce Australia program participants at the Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust.  

 “Meeting face-to-face with our participants facilitates the personalised support we offer in the Workforce Australia program,” explains Regional Manager, Xell Oliver-Frauca. 


Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust

Willing to work 

Josh had previously undertaken training to enhance his employability. Even though his work capacity and confidence had taken some hits over the past decade, he remained positive and engaged in the job search process. 

When Jobfind Recruitment Consultant, Jack Lind, asked Josh what kinds of jobs he was interested in, he immediately replied: “Whatever gets me into work.” 

“His readiness to work and determination to get a job as quickly as possible made him the perfect candidate to recommend to an employer,” says Jack. 

That’s when Jack decided to promote Josh for a labouring vacancy at a Kwik Tip Bins, a waste management business in Sale. Even though the job was one hour’s drive away, Josh was willing to try. 

“He had an interview the next day and started work the day after,” beams Jack. 

Connecting local employers with job seekers 

The Australian Government’s new Workforce Australia program is designed to make it easier for employers to recruit for their business by connecting them with job seekers participating in the program.

After launching the new service throughout Gippsland in July, Jobfind Recruitment Consultants Danielle LeCouteur and Jack Lind quickly started building relationships with local employers. To benefit employers, Jobfind is a free recruitment source to help them fill vacancies.  

“Because we know the skills and aptitudes of our participants, we can quickly recommend great candidates when employers ring up looking for staff,” explains Jack. 

That’s exactly how Richard Donahoe from Kwik Tip Bins found his new staff member, Josh. 

“I’ve had a few good employees come through employment services. Some of our jobs are good entry points for people who haven’t had a break in life. I don’t mind giving them a go,” says Richard.  

Richard, who needed someone to start work immediately, was happy to hear that Jack could recommend someone who was “dead keen to work.” 

After interviewing Josh, Richard was impressed with his positive attitude to work. 

“He turned up the next morning at 8 o’clock ready to go and every morning after that. He always did what I asked,” says Richard. 

Life-changing employment 

Josh started at Kwik Tip Bins in Sale before being transferred closer to home to Tambo Waste at Bairnsdale, where he is on the lines sorting through cardboard waste.

Just four weeks into his new job, Josh is working full-time and loving it, especially since his travel time has halved.

“I’m absolutely loving coming to work…it’s closer to home and the pay is really good,” said Josh.

Jack recently visited Josh and his manager on the job to see how they were tracking together.

“It’s worked out well for both of them. Josh loves the opportunity to go to work and Richard has found someone who is willing to work hard,” says Jack.

Josh’s success has been a source of great pride for the entire team that helped him find his way into work and we wish Josh and his family continued success.

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