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A fresh start with Workforce Australia

By September 26, 2022February 20th, 2023No Comments

At 39 years of age, Tyron has weathered many storms. Long periods of unemployment and health issues had left him with low self-confidence and limited work experience.  

Tyron had been a client of other employment service providers in his local area, but when Jobfind opened its Sale office in July 2022, it offered him a fresh start. 

Within weeks, Tyron (pictured left above) secured work with the support of his employment consultant, Liam Walters, and Business Manager, Adam Rees (pictured right).

A fresh start with Jobfind 

Tyron was one of our first participants in our newly opened Workforce Australia program in Sale. His employment consultant, Liam Walters, set about understanding Tyron’s motivations and goals.  

“I soon learned that Tyron responded best to an upbeat appointment with a bit of fun and banter,” explains Liam. 

The tailored approach was crucial to establishing the grounds for open and honest communication between Tyron and Liam.  

“He told me this was the first time he felt like he had options and could really consider what type of work would suit him best.” 

 After years of unemployment, Tyron wasn’t confident he’d find a job. But Liam encouraged him to take advantage of the new Workforce Australia program delivered by Jobfind.  

With individual care and attention and a ‘no-judgement’ policy between the two, the pair soon built a good rapport. 

“It allowed us to talk about new directions that Tyron had not previously considered,” says Liam. 

Brokering a job for Tyron 

As a Gippsland local, Liam has many employer contacts. So when he learned that a local eatery was looking for a casual kitchen hand, he was quick to recommend his new client.  

“Tyron was motivated to work, he just needed someone to give him a chance,” explains Liam.  

Tyron’s empty resume didn’t worry the employer, who was willing to take on someone with entry level skills. He was further assured by Liam’s continuing and personalised support to help Tyron stay engaged with his new job. 

In fact, Jobfind even activated the government employment fund to purchase clothing and a bicycle to assist Tyron to travel to work. 

From part-time to apprentice 

Within weeks, Tyron went from working part-time to 50 hours per week. Jobfind assisted him to upgrade his skills with a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate so he could progress into bar duties and explore other opportunities at the venue. 

 “He’s working 50 hours a week and loving it,” says Liam. 

 Tyron’s enthusiasm and work ethic has impressed his employer so much that he’s earned the offer of a chef’s apprenticeship, which he is eager to start. 

 With Liam’s help, Tyron has persistently broken through previous barriers, especially his own lack of self-belief.  

 “We always believed in Tyron’s capacity to thrive in work. Now he believes in himself,” says Liam. 

 If you want to find out how the Workforce Australia program can help you find a job, contact Jobfind on