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Accessibility Day 2019 – Avery Jackel – Fitzgerald & RMB Lawyers

By November 26, 2019September 8th, 2021No Comments
Avery with Adam Barlow from RMB LawyersJobfind in Wollongong kicked off Accessibility Day with job seeker Avery Jackel-Fitzgerald doing some work experience with RMB Lawyers.

Avery suffers from depression and recently completed his Certificate III in Business Administration. Today he was met by Adam Barlow, who is one of the Partners at RMB and head of  Support Services for Accessibility Day.

Adam sat down and had a discussion with Avery about how the day would go.  Avery will be working with the Support Services Manager Danni who will show him around, introduce him to the all the staff and then spend time in four different sections of the business to assist with basic Administration. Danni then advised Avery that he would also spend a little time with the Managing Partner of RMB Lawyers, Craig Osbourne, which has never happened before, even for Lawyers who come into the business for their work placement. Adam advised that as Richard from Jobfind set up this placement, he wanted to make sure that Avery was enjoying the experience and that if he had any questions, his door would be open.

When Adam asked Avery what he would like to achieve, Avery said, “I’m happy to do whatever you need me to do. I just want to be able to help your staff to do their job.”