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ASRM and Jobfind working together

By May 12, 2020October 12th, 2021No Comments

A partnership with Australasian Security & Risk Management (ASRM) and Jobfind is paying dividends for both organisations with Jobfind job seekers securing security work across venues, entertainment precincts and jobs in traffic management.

For Business Development Consultant, Amanda Blight, the relationship between the two organisations has seen job seekers fast-tracked into roles in security and traffic management with a high degree of successful placements.

“Our business is providing security and risk management and Jobfind is the first employment service I call when I need to fill vacancies for our partners,” she said.

Danielle LeCouteur (Jobfind Recruitment Consultant) is fantastic to work with. She takes the stress out of the recruitment placement by sourcing the right people for our vacancies.

“They undergo a rigorous selection test to ensure they will be the right fit for the roles and are willing to undertake further training.

“She makes the hiring process easy and faster, which is a top priority for me.”

Amanda said that once she has brief from a partner, she will contact Danielle and they will bounce ideas off each other.

“I will discuss the business needs of our client – which might be concierge, security or traffic control – and Dani will provide me with resumes of job seekers that she believes are suitable for the role.

“Neither of us want to set candidates up for failure, so we work together to make sure they can meet the job requirements and have the right attitude for the work. We will also look at candidates who might have transferable skills, such as leadership or management, and invite them for an interview.

“Dani is very responsive, always answers my calls, and if I ask her to do something, I know it will be done.”

Amanda said that when lockdown restrictions ease, and demand for security staff increases, Jobfind will be the first place she will call.

For Dani, working with an employer like ASRM and Amanda, has been a breeze.

“We think alike and know that trust, confidence and a strong work ethic are of critical importance in the security environment,” she said.

“We have built up a good working relationship with frequent and open discussions. Once Melbourne starts to come back to life we will be working together to scale up as quickly as possible.”