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Is it possible to change careers in your 60’s?

Is it possible to change careers in your 60’s? What if you have only worked in one job? Many job seekers we come in contact with can feel like they are too old, unskilled, or just not confident finding a job.

At Jobfind, our staff are experts at empowering people into work every day through our suite of tailored programs. Time and time again, one of the main keys to employment success are the job seekers who consistently turn up to appointments, make the most of the programs offered to them and build an ongoing relationship with their Employment Consultant.

Sakshi Goel, Employment Consultant at Camberwell, started working with Anthony in March 2021. In his initial appointment, he mentioned he had been unemployed for almost eight years, and it was getting difficult for him to find work.

At 62 years old, Anthony believed his employability days might be over. He also didn’t have a diverse array of work experience as he was an electrician for 40 years. And, after that time in the one profession we as keen to switch industries and try something new.

To help him get clarity on his career pathway, Sakshi referred him to the Career Transition Assistance program. Simon Wong, Career Transition Assistance Facilitator, helped Anthony craft a resume and suggested a few career pathways he might pursue.

Jobfind also assisted Anthony financially through the Employment Fund to get him a laptop, work clothing and a Myki card for transportation. With a new direction and the tools to return to the workforce, Anthony was referred to Strive Recruitment, and he landed a full-time position as a cleaner in November.

One of Anthony’s stand-out qualities was his commitment and perseverance, and he actively participated in programs and appointments. Sakshi is proud of the complete turn-around Anthony made by showing up and putting in the effort.

“Anthony is ecstatic about his new role, and we will continue to help Anthony with post-placement support. Spending time with Anthony and listening to his specific requirements helped me tailor a solution for him. But, as we know at Jobfind, it’s more than just a job.”

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