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Jobfind celebrates the achievements of David as well as a successful new employment partnership in Core Traffic.

David was long term unemployed when he joined Jobfind as a client. Upon joining he expressed an interest in a Traffic Control role where his skills could be best utilised. Despite numerous attempts by his Jobfind Recruitment Consultant Rachael Fraser to find him a role, it was proving a challenge. This was no obstacle to David who then used his own initiative presenting himself at the North Geelong location of traffic control company Core Traffic. His initial, confident presentation went exceptionally well and David was placed into a role the very next day. Jobfind was able to assist David with all the necessary work clothing and equipment to commence his employment.

Core Traffic has been delighted with the performance of David, who has since progressed into a supervisor role since beginning his employment six months ago. Anthony Lagone from Core Traffic had this to say about David. “We are very fortunate to have David along with his work ethic at Core, where he Team Leads confidently and goes out of his way to help train others on site. He has also become extremely handy outside of work hours and offers up his time to help Core with any issues that he feels qualified to help with”.

Through David, Jobfind has been able to develop a strong employer partnership with Core Traffic. Jobfind has now placed twelve clients into various roles with Core who are able to take up wage subsidies made available through Workforce Australia.