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Jobfind is thrilled to announce this quarter’s Employer Award is Tarra Care!

Tarra Care, based in Gippsland Victoria, was founded to increase care and service delivery to the aged and people with disabilities across the greater Gippsland region. Founded only three years ago, Tarra Care has grown quickly to become one of the largest Jobfind referred employers. Jobfind started working with Tarra Care in July 2023 and in that short space of time twenty Jobfind clients have been placed into roles. An additional twenty Jobfind clients are pending checks as of this date.

“They are simply amazing and are the employer we wish we had at every level, in every sector” – Danielle LeCouteur Jobfind Employment Consultant

Tarra Care’s founders, Leanne and Allison, are all about the Gippsland Community and the Support Work sector. Just as important as the care they offer to their own clients, Tarra Care has embraced the opportunities that can be unlocked for Jobfind’s clients. Jobfind’s Employment Consultant Danielle has witnessed firsthand, the most deflated people be hugged and offered a job by Tarra Care on the spot, to watching tears fall all round.

Founder Leanne’s flexibility in taking on Jobfind clients has been immense. She has on-boarded clients into Tarra Care that have not worked for many years, clients with sustained injuries and those with some troubled history. Post placement support is just as strong. Tarra Care is quick to communicate problems with Jobfind and resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible. The result being that retention rates are amazing and clients are extremely fulfilled in the work they are performing at Tarra Care.

Congratulations again to Tarra Care for winning Jobfind’s Quarterly Employer Award. They will be also be entered as a Finalist into the Annual Employer Award.