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Employability Skills Training Results in Two Success Stories

Jobfind’s Employability Skills Training (EST) gets people job ready through boosting their employability with improved workplace skills and confidence. Two recent clients who recently underwent the Jobfind program have been able to secure on-going employment.

Peter, a participant in an Employability Skills Program in Ballarat, is celebrating a major breakthrough in his job search journey. After facing disappointment with his resume not yielding desired results, Peter sought assistance from Kelly, the EST program facilitator. Thanks to the guidance and support from Kelly, Gemma, and the rest of the Jobfind team, Peter’s revamped resume caught the attention of Star Track, leading to a job offer as a delivery driver. Learning about Peter’s situation before and after joining the program helps to highlight it’s benefits to all participants.

Before joining the Employability Skills Program, Peter was encountering challenges in his job search. Despite submitting numerous applications, he found himself receiving few responses. Feeling disheartened, Peter realised that his resume needed a makeover to stand out more in a competitive job market.

Working closely with Kelly, Peter embarked on a journey of resume enhancement. Initially hesitant, Peter was surprised by the transformation his resume underwent with the help of an AI tool utilised by the Jobfind. “I never really thought I could improve my resume and felt it looked good,” Peter admitted. However, the expert guidance and innovative approach employed by Kelly and the team proved otherwise.

With his newly refined resume in hand, Peter applied for a position at Star Track. To his delight and surprise, his application garnered attention, leading to an interview and ultimately a job offer. “Looks like I have my dream job now…thanks again,” Peter expressed his gratitude.

Peter’s success story highlights the transformative impact of dedicated support of Jobfind and its use of innovative tools to empower individuals to achieve their career aspirations. Through the collaborative efforts of Kelly, Gemma, and the Jobfind team, Peter’s journey serves as a testament to the power of determination and the value of tailored support in navigating the job market. As Peter embarks on this new chapter as a delivery driver, his story inspires others to persevere in the pursuit of their dreams, knowing that with the right support, anything is possible.

Isaac Mabo-Edwards, is a determined 22 year old participant in the Employability Skills Program in Cairns. Isaac is also celebrating a significant milestone in his journey towards his goals. Despite facing challenges, Isaac’s perseverance and dedication have paid off as he secured a night fill job at a local supermarket – a crucial step towards his dream of joining the armed forces.

During the EST career accelerator program, Isaac actively engaged in resume building and mock interview sessions, honing his skills for the job market. His commitment to improving his prospects shone through, earning him praise from his facilitator for both his compliance and enthusiasm.

Isaac’s hard work was put to the test when he applied for the night fill position. Equipped with the knowledge and practice gained from the course, he entered the interview with confidence. Remarkably, the questions posed to him closely mirrored those he had prepared for, leaving Isaac feeling both surprised and prepared. “It was scary how similar the questions were to what we practiced,” Isaac said afterwards.

With his stellar performance during the interview, Isaac received the offer he had been hoping for. Starting his new job the next week, Isaac couldn’t contain his excitement. Reflecting on his journey, he expressed gratitude for the invaluable support and guidance he received during the course.

“I wouldn’t have been able to get this job without this course and help from Demelza the Jobfind EST Facilitator,” Isaac acknowledged gratefully. “I’m super stoked for this opportunity.”

Isaac’s success story serves as an inspiring reminder of the power of determination. It also emphasises the importance of access to resources and training opportunities for individuals striving to achieve their dreams. As Isaac embarks on this new chapter, his resilience and commitment continue to shine brightly, setting a positive example for others in the program to pursue their own aspirations.