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The team at Jobfind is constantly working with employers from all industry types to open up new opportunities for clients to find work. Jobfind has been fortunate to develop a relationship with a local employer, Silly Yak Foods, following a recent Skills & Jobs activity workshop held at the Jobfind Broadmeadows office.

Silly Yak Foods, located in Coburg, is a boutique manufacturer of 100% wheat free, 100% gluten free bakery goods. The Silky Yaks food bakery is also 100% peanut free. With a primary market of people managing coeliac disease or who are wheat or gluten intolerant, they also cater to a variety of other allergies and conditions.

Following the Skills & Jobs workshop, two Jobfind clients were successful in starting employment at Silly Yak Foods. Since then, Jobfind’s Employment Consultants Christinah & Helen have been able to build a strong relationship with Silly Yak’s director, Bryn Pears. Jobfind is now at the forefront of consideration for new, on-going vacancies with government financial incentives made available to hire new staff. Silly Yak Foods also demonstrates flexibility working closely with Jobfind clients through offering both part time and full time permanent roles.

Recently, Helen, Christinah and Allyson from Jobfind were invited to attend the Silly Yak Foods warehouse to see their operations and understand how they could further assist Bryn and his team. Jobfind is now celebrating this rewarding employer partnership having successfully placed six clients into working there.