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Jobfind’s Partnership Success with Foresite Training

Jobfind can unlock new work opportunities for clients by undergoing specific training and qualifications. Jobfind recognises the importance of training and education before becoming employable and helps clients into fully paid relevant courses. Jobfind’s close partnership with training provider Foresite Training shows how clients become qualified for certain positions.

Foresite Training, based in Hallum and Laverton North Victoria, conducts short courses focusing on High Risk, Heavy Vehicle Licensing and Construction. Many Jobfind clients express an interest in the types of roles associated with Foresite Training, so they are consequently enrolled into one of these programs. Operating a forklift, pick and pack of orders, traffic management and operating a minibus are some of the job roles that Foresite Training prepares clients for.

Jobfind supports clients through Forsite Training and once having the necessary license or ticket, they become instantly more employable. Forsite Training can refer those successfully completing training, onto their recruitment arm, Prosite, for placement. Or the client is placed by Jobfind’s team once they obtain their qualification.

Helen Andaras “Foresite Training provides excellent training and pathways into employment. I have been able to place eight candidates using Forsite Training as the necessary first step to up-skill for employment opportunities.”

Foresite Training’s Mallak Hammoud has equal amount of praise for Jobfind. “I have been working with Helen and Jobfind for a year and a half. Helen Andaras always has referrals and clients for me at every info session. She’s very driven and wants the best for her clients.”

For more information on how Jobfind can partner with your business contact or give us a call on 1800 113 233