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Jobfind Empower Australian Youth to Take an Active Step into the Future

By October 6, 2021No Comments
Next Generation Virtual Summit Series

2020 and 2021 have been years like no other. The lasting social and economic impacts have particularly affected our young people, and the full impact is only now becoming apparent.

Jobfind has called on the youth of Australia to lead the changing face of how employment services and education is delivered at our Next Generation Virtual Summit Series. The program seeks to consult with our young people and develop services where their voices have been overlooked.

These events bring together job seekers that are not only connected to our physical office locations, but also online meaning they are engaging and connecting with job seekers across the country and even possibly gaining an international reach.

Deepa Golani, Creator of the Next Generation Virtual Summit Series, said it’s vitally important to engage our youth in decisions that will most affect their lives.

“The lives of young Australians have been hardest hit. We see an opportunity to overhaul a system that may not have worked efficiently for young people.”

“This series will allow our youth to plan for their future and equip them to work smart for the next generation in a world they will inherit – the future.”

The first online events took place in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales in September. Many participants aged between 15 – 24, or their parents, discussed ‘where to from here?’.

Deepa said it was great to see so many young, eager faces at the initial events.

“It’s wonderful being part of such a unique program and bringing together youth from all over Australia.”

“The steps we have taken to understand how we can assist young people in managing the challenges that they are facing and committing to engaging them in creative solutions to help achieve meaningful employment and education is what we are all about.”