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Jobfind’s Quarterly Employer Awards Have Been Announced !

Jobfind’s Quarterly Employer Awards have just been announced with two winners this quarter! Congratulations to Jim’s Mowing Burwood and Geelong & Surfcoast Laundry (GSL) Newtown who have taken out this quarter’s award.

Jim’s Mowing Burwood

Mike Tobin from Jim’s Mowing Burwood first reached out to Jobfind two years ago when he employed a young jobseeker. As this was the client’s first job Mike really took the time to send through a detailed description of the work. And once the client was employed he complied everything completed on a daily basis. Mike has displayed an extremely open and flexible relationship working with this client and subsequent clients employed by him.

Jobfind recognises that the first few weeks of employment are the toughest especially for a first job and this client had disclosed that they were having anxiety and did not want to continue. Straight away Mike got in touch and asked to schedule a meeting all together at the Jobfind Camberwell. He openly wanted to provide our client with the support he needed to continue in employment. As a result of the participant was connected with some helpful non-vocation services. At the same time Mike endeavoured to learn more about anxiety and mental illness to create more opportunities for clients and give them a chance when other employers may not. With the help of Mike this client was able to complete over six months of successful employment.

Business Manager Clare LeCouteur often receives detailed and hilarious emails recapping the adventures (and occasional mishaps) that were occurring in the workplace. Communication from Jim’s Mowing Burwood is always positive and light-hearted in nature involving issues that need resolving. Getting these updates at the time were amazing and showed a dedication from Mike to help keep someone in work.

Clare had this to share on the employer relationship in place with Jobfind. “Mike from Jims Mowing Burwood is the best employer I have come across since working in the industry. Mike is always willing to give anyone a go. Once he has employed a Jobfind client he never gives up on them when any issues arise. He is always proactive in working with his employee as well as engaging Jobfind through post-placement support.”

Since forming an employer relationship with Jobfind, Jim’s Mowing Burwood has given ten different jobseekers between Jobfind Camberwell and Jobfind Richmond a chance to move off jobseeker payments and into employment. “The amount of support towards my clients and staff to keep clients in a job whether it be Mike coordinating health support appointments when needed or picking up a client up to get to work is absolutely amazing” says Clare.

Geelong & Surfcoast Laundry (GSL)

Geelong & Surfcoast Laundry (GSL) are a commercial state of the art facility that have employed ninety-three Barwon participants from all walks of life regardless of their previous work history or vocational barriers. The roles are working the production line across washing machines, pressing and folding. The GSL team are very supportive and are willing to give Jobfind clients more than one chance which has led to some long term unemployed obtaining sustainable employment. To date Jobfind has had over two dozen clients achieve more than six months of employment at GSL.

No experience is required for these production line roles as full training is provided. As an employer GSL are very easy to deal with and when they are in need of staff its always a very quick turnaround from a walk through and initial interview with their Team Leader. Geelong & Surfcoast Laundry really care about supporting the local community.

“G&S Laundry are simply amazing in the quality of their work along with their willingness to employ Jobfind clients. They are a pleasure to partner with and are responsive to taking interviews to place clients commencing within a week or sometimes the next day!” – Rachel Fraser Jobfind Recruitment Consultant.