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Meet Manuela – Jobfind’s Indigenous Program Manager

Manuela Toditsch is Jobfind’s Indigenous Program Manager. Manuela in her daily role is in constant contact with Jobfind’s indigenous clients to support them wherever possible. Committed to walking alongside Mob, Manuela not only supports the job seeker but their family and community too. Jobfind offers a unique support service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, based on our reconciliation action plan.

Manuela’s one on one service to indigenous clients is holistic – she doesn’t simply consider employment status. Also carefully considered is an indigenous client’s place within their family and community and commitments to them. Taking all of that into account, it’s a joint effort working towards employment together.  The entire Jobfind team works collaboratively with Manuela which sees regular catch-ups conducted on each and every indigenous client.

Some ways that Manuela and Jobfind assist our indigenous clients

  • Getting necessary Government identification and ID checks
  • Assist in creating up to date resumes for job applications
  • Pre-employment preparation and interview training
  • Training and development programs to up-skill for work placement opportunities
  • Referring clients to local indigenous community groups and programs
  • Assisting with safe long-term accommodation options
  • Liaising to source material aid and food support

Manuela and the Jobfind team seeks out job opportunities that value our indigenous cilent’s culture and life experience, working with employers who embrace diversity in their business. When indigenous cilents are ready to work, Jobfind also assists with the necessary work clothes and safety equipment provided before commencement.

Regular events are also organised by Manuela and the Jobfind team. Significant indigenous events and workshops all to promote awareness of significant Indigenous calendar dates are held throughout the year. A recent “Luv Ya Mob” workshop was organised along with Jobfind Recruitment Consultant Rachael Fraser which saw indigenous participants come together and hear about employment opportunities as well as take part in a Welcome to Country smoking ceremony, listen to local indigenous musicians and participate in art making.

For further information regarding our indigenous client engagement or if you are interested to register with Jobfind and receive Manuela’s support please contact 1800 113 233.