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Our commitment: advocating for inclusive workplaces

By December 2, 2021July 21st, 2023No Comments
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EDIT : As of 24 July 2023, Jobfind’s disability employment services are provided by uLaunch.

The International Day of People with Disability aims to challenge the way people think about disability and help grow a more inclusive Australia.

Our specialist Disability Employment Services (DES) Team advocates and pushes for change for our job seekers every day. General Manager, Priscilla Beattie, says local businesses are critical in bringing about change for more inclusive workplaces.

“Education and engaging in real conversations with local business and community is key. Many employers are not aware one in five Australians identify as having a disability. Importantly, these numbers represent sizable talent in both the current and potential workforce for employers.”

The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability is currently examining why Australia’s employment of people with disability is so low. The good news is there is a solution – it’s about bringing the most significant force on the planet to the table. Businesses!

Claudine Levy, Business Manager of Illawarra, and her team are experts at helping many DES job seekers navigate the journey to employment – a journey that can be even more challenging when disability is concerned.

As a valued member of the Illawarra community, Claudine has spent time building relationships with local businesses. One of those employers is Ben from Discount Party Hire in Bulli.

Through Claudine, Ben employed Alex Colquhoun, who is deaf. With a bit of creativity, Ben and Alex overcame the communication barrier using a whiteboard to communicate. Alex also skilfully lipreads.

Ben has had a positive experience working with the Illawarra team and would love the opportunity to offer work to more job seekers with different abilities.

“I have had a great experience working with Jobfind, and Alex has been a great asset to the Discount Party Hire team. Everyone should be given a go, and I enjoy being able to give people an opportunity. This experience has made me realise that there is a real need for inclusivity in the workplace.”

As a result of Alex’s successful employment outcome, Claudine reached out to Ben on behalf of another job seeker with a prosthetic leg. Doug is very capable and has a high skill set but has experienced a bit of judgment due to his prosthetic limb.

Ben will meet with Doug even though there is only an 8-hour position for cleaning available. However, he is willing and open to considering a 15-hour position after hearing about Doug’s eagerness and skills.

Claudine is passionate about working with local businesses to help them realise the potential of the abilities of our job seekers.

“Every day, we bring more and more employers to the table to increase workforce participation and inclusive workplaces. Diversity comes from different life experiences, skills and talents, and that’s a win for employers and employees.”

If you are an employer and want to learn more about how the great talent we have, get in contact with us today.

Pictured: Ben from Discount Party Hire.