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We cannot wait to see where Dylan’s journey will take him!

By August 12, 2019September 8th, 2021No Comments

2019 Mazda CX 9 Steering Wheel

We cannot wait to see where Dylan’s journey will take him!

Dylan is a 27-year-old Jobfind participant with a keen interest in cars. He recently secured an interview with the local Mazda dealership for a position in their Service department and was equal parts nervous and excited.

The team at Wollongong invited Dylan into the office to help him prepare for his interview so that he can make a lasting impression. They first visited the local men’s store with Nick for some fresh interview clothes.
‘These look awesome!’ Dylan said.

At the interview Dylan was extremely well presented. He handled the questions very well and was able to give good and relevant answers. They asked Dylan what his favourite car was to which he answered: ‘My Mazda 3 sports with 6 speed manual transmission with built in GPS.’
The service Manager smiled and called him a hoon, then said, ‘That’s good, I’m a hoon too’.

Both the HR Manager and Service Manager said they were going to have a chat about what hours they could offer Dylan. The HR Manager was impressed with the level of support that we were offering Dylan.

Dylan’s journey is already a shining example of what Jobfind stands for, and the entire team cannot wait to hear the outcome!