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Celebrating Motherhood: ParentsNext supports Kylie to make leaps and bounds into a career

By May 7, 2021March 4th, 2022No Comments

Kylie ParentsNext

Motherhood can be challenging at times, and sometimes even more so when you are a single mum. There are challenges around work-life balance, loneliness, self-confidence, limited time and fatigue as well as financial strain. All of these can be overcome with the right support.

Kylie started on the ParentsNext program in February 2020 and wasn’t working or studying. She connected with Nina D’Angelo who is a ParentsNext Consultant at Jobfind Camberwell.

Nina worked with Kylie to build her confidence while caring for a young child, discussing transferable skills and a career path of returning to paid employment.

“To build Kylie’s confidence, Kylie enrolled in a local community house to engage in a computer course which Jobfind funded. I then supporting Kylie into an online course to build her confidence and knowledge to study, and when Kylie felt ready, I supported her through the process of enrolling in a course and navigating government funded courses available and what Institutes/Universities were available to suit attending class learning while caring for her child as a single parent.

ParentsNext supported with funding for class uniforms, Working with Children Check, and the tools she needed including applying for the Pensioners Education Support payment (PES) available s an extra payment from the government while you study.

Kylie says she got all the support she needed from Nina who asked her  lots of questions to uncover her job aspirations.

“She supported me every step of the way to get what I needed to achieve my goals. I also felt comfortable asking her questions whenever I needed them, and she was always happy to help.”

Kylie is currently completing Certificates 3 and 4 in Fitness and will start working as a Personal Trainer when the course finishes at the end of the year.

She enjoys what she is doing and looks forward to starting her own business, or working in a gym at the end of the year.

“Working in this industry means a lot to me as it is what I am passionate about, and I can’t wait to start working in the fitness industry. My favourite part of my job will be to motivate my clients to live a fit and healthy lifestyle and see them reach their goals.

“I would recommend Jobfind to anyone as Jobfind is there to help you achieve and motivate you to get the job you want. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for Jobfind.”

Kylie will be enjoying the day with her daughter and family and she wishes everyone a lovely Mother’s Day – and so do we!