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Youth Engagement Coach interviewed on Radio Eastern FM

By November 16, 2021February 20th, 2023No Comments
youth unemployment interview

Recently, Raf Matta, our Youth Engagement Coach at Jobfind, was interviewed by Roger Broadbent on Radio Eastern FM 98.1. Raf presented the alarming youth unemployment facts and discussed the barriers our young job seekers face on top of living through a global pandemic.

The facts on youth unemployment are concerning. If you are an Australian under 25, you are more than twice as likely to be unemployed. And being unemployed when you are young has severe consequences for long term wages, health, social exclusion and even for the next generation.

While the future may appear grim for our youth, Jobfind is on the front foot when it comes to providing a solution – the Youth Employment Consortium (YEC).

YEC has pledged to get 5,000 unemployed young people into jobs to defeat youth unemployment. By joining forces with high-profile employers, educators and not-for-profits, we are serious about making a positive impact on the youth of Australia.

Thank you, Roger Broadbent, for your time on Eastern FM 98.1. It was a privilege to speak to your listeners about such an important issue.

Listen to an excerpt of the interview below. And, find out more about the Consortium here:

Audio credit: Eastern FM 98.1