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Mihiri Udabage

Important message to employers

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Do you have vacancies OR do you need help to support your staff who have been retrenched as a result of the coronavirus outbreak?

If you have vacancies: We have job ready job seekers – keen to start tomorrow. If your business is experiencing a surge in demand because of COVID-19 we can provide you with the talent you need to fill your vacancy in a hurry. Jobfind’s experienced employment consultants can match your vacancy with the most suitable job seekers.

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How a willingness to learn helped Cherie get back to work.

Image of Cherie from Jobfind

Cherie understands how hard it can be to find work, particularly when you’ve been out of the game for a while. Cherie had been a full-time stay at home mum for 18 years with little work experience.  With support and guidance, Cherie was able to get back into the workplace and start a new chapter of her life. This has helped guide her as an employment consultant and now a business manager with Jobfind.

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